Sunday, December 5, 2010

We hope everybody is doing well this Holiday season! Life is always busy in December and it's been a great blessing this year as it keeps my mind off other "stuff." Although, lately the "stuff" has been pretty good. Matthew is still trying to fight off the cold Luke shared about 2 months ago. It's crazy, it seems to come and go, but everybody has been healthy here and he doesn't go anywhere else- so we are assuming it's the same bug. Matthew has had 2 ear infections as a result and has been treated with 2 antibiotics. Because he's on an antibiotic, he gets diarhea and because he has diarhea it messes up Matthew's absorption of his anti-rejection meds. So, lately we've been getting blood drawn more frequently. As it turns out, he hasn't absorbed one of his meds at all as it was "undetected" in his blood work. Matthew's cardiologist was going to continue with the wean of his steroids this month, but we are going to hold steady until we can get his blood levels where they need to be. I guess this is why I am confined to home still-- his body has a hard time fighting off ANYTHING. Even minor illness ends up being a big deal.

Matthew has some minor surgery scheduled for this Tuesday. He is getting his tube in his belly switched out for a button. I am certainly grateful we got that tube even though we fought against it for a long time. It is much better than an NG tube. Matthew is still not eating much, so he gets 95% of his nutrition through his tube.

As for the rejection, at Matthew's last appointment his echo and everything still looked great. We are just hoping and praying that things continue to look good. If so, we won't repeat a biopsy until February.

We hope everybody is doing well and gearing up for the most amazing time of the year. Love to all!!