Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks to all for your kind words and thoughtfulness!! I have just a quick minute and wanted to let everybody know that the pathology report came back NEGATIVE for PTLD or any kind of lymphoma..... whewhh!!! I cannot tell you how blessed we feel and how relieved we are to know that we will not be fighting that battle any time soon.

Matthew gets better every day. We had some rough nights, but thankfully Matt had President's Day weekend off so he was around to tag team. The ENT sent us home from the hospital with oxygen because Matthew keeps de-sating into the low 70's but comes back up to a normal oxygen saturation percentage with oxygen. The transplant team told us that another transplant patient who had the same surgery done did the same thing after surgery. We are trying to control his pain and enjoy his extra snuggles as he recovers. My Dad had his hip replaced a few weeks ago and when he came over yesterday to visit Matthew, Matthew wrapped Grandpa up in his favorite blue blanket and gave him hugs telling him to feel better. What a sweet boy! He is so in tune to other's needs and discomforts and tries to make everybody around him comfortable and happy. I love that little guy.

Joshua had a big week last week as well. He participated in his school's patriotic program- the biggest program of the year at his school put on by the fifth graders. He did awesome!! He also received his Webelos badge which he has worked so hard to earn. Luke got up on skiis for the first time and did great. Luke has a fun personality and makes us laugh so often in our home.

One of the biggest challenges during all of Matthew's medical issues has been juggling the needs of all my children and making sure they all feel loved and important. I know we mostly talk about Matthew in this blog, we started it to update everybody on the happenings with him during his transplant. I feel very blessed to be mother to of each one of my son's. I love all of them SO much!!


  1. Hurray!!! We are so relieved to hear this update! Thanks for sharing. We continue to pray for Matthew everyday. Best wishes with the remainder of his recovery. Wow, Lukey-Boo is skiing? Josh is a 5th grader?! Where did the time go?

  2. Congratulations on good news! Talk about defying the odds... We continue to pray for your sweet family.

  3. You are such a doll! I can only imagine the strain all this has put on those other sweet children of yours that by default sort of live in the shadows a little. Certainly not loved any less but still there. I have a good friend whose son nearly drowned at age 11 in their home pool a few years ago. They have 4 children and it has been interesting watch her love and care for the other 3 children as she has helped her now quadriplegic son survive and rehabilitate. I am in awe every time I see her at how well she balances it all and without question the other children are understanding, loving and supportive and very accommodating. The entire family is blessed with tender mercies all along the way and clearly you have as well. I am so happy for the good news for Matthew. Hugs and kisses all the way around!

  4. Chrissy, you are such an amazing mom! And we are SO happy that Matthew doesn't have lymphoma and that he is recovering well. We'll be praying that he continues to do that. And really? Luke is old enough to ski?? And Josh got his Webelos badge? I think I will forever see him as an eight year old, no matter how much time passes. :) Anyway, thanks for the updates! We miss you!