Friday, December 2, 2011

To celebrate, or not to celebrate?

Matthew had his follow up heart catheterization to assess his coronary arteries yesterday. He tolerated the procedure really well which was a relief. Matt and I were paged to the cath lab where we talked with Dr. Everitt and Dr. Gray. Great news.... it seems that the coronary artery disease has not progressed any more and has even improved a little bit. I think this information was the best case scenario we were hoping for yesterday. However, it was unexpected. After these past two months, Matt and I had mentally prepared ourselves for bad news. What a wonderful surprise!! Matt and I enjoyed the day with Matthew together (we had to have Matthew lay flat for 6 hours post cath because they accessed him through the groin).

When we were just about to be discharged from the hospital we went to the cardiology clinic to complete Matthew's echo. When we got back to Matthew's room, Dr. Molina, Dr. Mack and Emilee were there reviewing Matthew's chart. Dr. Molina told us that Matthew's biopsy report had just come back from pathology and that he was experiencing some mild cellular rejection. Also, on Matthew's echo he had a pericardial effusion (fluid around his heart) and he has a heart gallop again. So...... our hours of celebrating were short lived. The transplant team is all going to get together to discuss what the future care for Matthew should be. Dr. Molina wants another pathologist to review his biopsy for a second opinion. We are waiting on a few labs to come back to hopefully shed some more light on how we should proceed.

I will update you when I get more information. For now, we are relieved to know Matthew is in good hands. We appreciate all that his medical providers do to help Matthew. He is a tricky patient to figure out. We are grateful for the transplant team and trust them completely. Thank you for all your prayers. We love you all!


  1. Chrissy - to my recollection, both effusion and rejection have happened to him before. At least the CAD is somewhat under control right now, and that is a miracle. Of course, he is complicated, so issues have to be expected. He's weathered so much, there is no reason for him not to weather this. Allow yourself a little celebration, at least thru Christmas and his birthday. When he sees the decorations, the parties and the presents, he's going to be beside himself. Remember - the body/spirit/mind complex are one and the same. When one is rejoicing, it helps the others to heal. He's a baby, so he's going to choose joy every time. This is his Christmas and birthday gift to you, so follow in his footsteps ;-)

    love you always


  2. Those darn pathologists! Always ruining everything! ;) But I am so glad that his CAD is improving. And that you were able to celebrate, even if only for a few hours. You all are so amazing, and we are so lucky to know you. Good luck with everything. Try to enjoy the holiday season! We'll be thinking of you, as always.