Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm always talking about my friend whose little baby got a heart transplant two weeks prior to Matthew's getting his heart transplant. I thought you might be interested in seeing this link. Landon was the first to receive an incompatible heart transplant at Primary Children's- pretty amazing! This is an incredible family and I love the friendship that has developed between Tammy and I! The transplant cardiologist who was interviewed is also Matthew's cardiologist- Melanie Everitt. She is awesome!! Here is the link: - Lehi infant receives hospital's first incompatible heart transplant

We are doing good. Luke brought home a nasty cold from preschool and then passed it on to Matthew. I think this is Matthew's worst illness being on immune suppressants. We are holding our breath and waiting to see how he does. He's a trooper! We may need to consider preschool at home- at least during the cold/flu/RSV months...

Next on the docket for Matthew: He has a follow up ureteral reflux test on November 2nd, depending on what they find Matthew may have surgery in the near future. He has a heart biospy which will be scheduled the week of November 8th. We are hoping for good heart function and NO rejection. In early December he will have a procedure to change out his "tube" that was just placed to a "button". This will be nice because then his tube won't get caught in his shirt and he won't be at as high of a risk for pulling his tube out which would result in an ER visit to replace the tube. In the meantime, we will carry our "emergency gastrostomy kit" with us wherever we go. Always something with this sweet little man! He keeps us busy!

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