Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been more than 24 hours since Matthew's biopsy and we are still waiting for the official report. Preliminary results show no signs of rejection, which is good. However, I've been through this too many times to trust anything but the final report coming from the doctor herself. Matthew also had an echo this morning. If everything looks good, we will be discharged today. Everybody has been "training" me for the past two days on how to take care of this sweet little guy. The pharmacist came and spoke with me and Matt yesterday for 45 minutes about the 13 medications Matthew will be on when he comes home. It all seems so technical--who knew that grapefruit would interfer with his anti-rejection medication absorption??? Lots to learn and remember, but we'll get it down. I also have to demonstrate how to place an NG tube on Matthew before they will let us go. I'm really dreading that experience.

So, we wait..... We'll let you know when we know what the plan is. Until then, Matthew continues to get a super round, puffy face as one of the side effects of the steroids he is now on. He is so cute. When he's eating I can't tell if he has food in his checks or if it's just his new round face. Usually it's not the food :) We made it through yesterday and the post-sedation wrestling match. Overall, it really wasn't as bad as past experiences. I think we've figured out a good anesthesia cocktail for Matthew. It's a good thing because they are telling us he'll need a biopsy every other week for the next few months.

Thanks again Liz and Kurt for showing Josh and Luke a good time in Arizona. They went to their first drive in movie and they LOVED it! You guys are the best!


  1. Sheesh, could they make you wait any longer for final results?? I can't imagine the stress of just waiting... But you get to leave today if all goes well??! That is awesome. Good luck! We'll be thinking of you!

  2. Any news? Oh, I hope yall get to go home today! Love