Sunday, May 30, 2010

As a child my parents would drag us around on Memorial Weekend Sunday to visit the grave sites of our great grandparents. As I grew into adolescence I remember always balking at the idea of spending an afternoon visiting the sites of dead people that I never knew. It wasn't until one particular afternoon when we were driving by the Murray Cemetery and I commented that if I knew someone who was buried I wouldn't mind visiting them. The next day we received a call from my brother-in-law informing us that my sister Anne had died in a car accident. Memorial day weekend has taken on a new meaning since that time.

This weekend I can't help but imagine how the family of Matthew's donated heart must feel. We feel like we have a pretty good idea of who they are and the circumstances of his death. Salt Lake is a relatively small place and word gets around. Our hearts go out to them. Our blessing is their tragedy. It would take a lot of faith and hope as a mother to give away a young child's organs. There are not words to describe our gratitude. There is not enough thank yous to express the appreciation we have for them. My prayers are with you this day. If it is any consolation: Your son's heart is amazing. Of all the complications we have had here in the hospital, not once has it been because of the heart in Matthew's chest. Our hope and prayer is that it can last a lifetime. It was the most precious gift you could give our family. Thank you.

Matthew is doing really well. Last night it was like someone had dropped a few too many quarters into his slot. He was laughing and carrying on like a clown. He even had a full on conversation with Chrissy over the phone at 10:30 pm. Thankfully at 11 he passed out. I passed out next to him. He slept better than any other night here in the hospital yet. He didn't wake up until about 8:00 am. He called out crying several times for Mommy but every time I got up he was still asleep. I wonder what kind of dreams go through his head when he rests.

This morning's highlight was the ride in the "car" around the hospital. He allowed us to put a mask on him and away we went. We saw the full size Spider man, blew bubbles outside on the outdoor patio, and played the piano in the 3rd floor lobby. In hindsight it was probably a mistake because containment will now be that much harder. For the moment he bought the excuse that other children needed a turn.

He ordered "Daddy Juice" (coke products) for lunch with chicken nuggets and 2 slushies. He was in heaven. He again passed out and is taking a nap.

I just want to thank everyone again. The pure unselfish service provided us has been overwhelming. My thoughts are with all of you as you are remembering loved ones this weekend. Robert and Gail, Randy and your family, Mareid and your family, Grandpa/ma Black & Sperry, Hedgepeths, Brent and family, Larry Jr. . . and many others. We look forward to the reunion on the other side and pray to live worthy of the blessings I know that we will one day all want.


  1. beautiful, Matt. Everything you said is simply beautiful. Thanx for the inspiration today, you & Jr.

  2. Matt & Chrissy - We're such slackers and hadn't heard of the "adventures" you are having with your cute Matthew. We hope things continue to go well. You're in our thoughts and prayers. And... thanks for doing this blog.
    Matt & Becca Hyer

  3. Thanks for the inspiring post. I'm so thankful to see baby Matthew's progress.

  4. Wow, Matthew looks so much better in those new pictures. He is looking quite healthy! Sounds like it was a great day overall. We'll be praying that continues.