Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday morning and things are improving here in the hospital. The hospital staff switched some meds around and have blocked off intervals of time when Matthew can nap and sleep at night. Matthew's nurses are like bouncers sitting by his door blocking many who try to enter while he is peacefully resting. Matthew's ability to sleep has really made a huge difference in his behavior...surprise, surprise!

Matthew started communicating by using simple "yes" or "no" answers to questions he is asked. I think he is starting to feel more secure with his environment now that he is not being tortured every day. We are still having issues with keeping food down. He has an NJ tube so he is getting his oral meds and some nutrition that way. Every time we try to feed him orally, he throws up. Our goal for today is to give him pleasant things to taste to help him overcome his aversion to food. Now that many of his tubes and lines are out, I put him in his Mcqueen pj's and he was super happy.

It feels wonderful to be able to care for him like a real Mom again. I enjoy each moment I have with him! I love each day because I feel like every morning he continues to become more and more like the sweet little Matthew we know.

What we are hearing at this point is that he will have a heart biopsy on Tuesday and if all goes well he could be home as early as Wednesday. We'll see.... there are lots of ups and downs in the hospital and you never know what will happen (and when..)


  1. We're so happy he's doing better... Amazing what some sleep will do! I love that he was excited to put on his special pjs... What a sweet boy. And hopefully all will go well and he'll be able to go home Wednesday! That would be awesome!

  2. We're rooting for Wednesday! I hope they are able to decrease the nausea and whatever is causing the vomitting. Sweet, sweet baby :). You continue to be in our prayers.

  3. Chrissy your an amazing mom!! I am glad that Matthew is making progress and getting sleep. You are continually in our prayers. Thanks for all the updates. We love reading them!! Lots of Love!!
    Aunt Jill

  4. Maybe part of the throwing up is anxiety? Hopefully, the 'fun' food will help him around that. Keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday!!!

  5. Matt and Chrissy,
    We are so happy that Matthew is making progress. Thanks for keeping us updated. You are continually in our prayers.
    Jerry & Debbie

  6. So happy to hear he is responding and loves his jammies. It is so good to hear your updates and many of us in the ward and neighborhood are looking forward to seeing you all at home again soon. Thank you for your positive examples and showing us what faith is all about.
    Continued love and prayers -- Corinne