Monday, May 31, 2010

Matthew has had a busy morning filled with labs, an echo, a chest xray, doctors rounding, occupational therapists etc. etc. I think all the medical personnel is trying to get out of here early for the Memorial Day holiday. I can't blame them! Matt's at work today and I hope he gets done early too.

Joshua and Luke left today to visit their Aunt Liz and Uncle Kurt and their cousins in Arizona. I miss them so much already. My Dad flew with them early this morning and is turning around and flying back to Utah hoping to make it in time for the family picnic. Thanks Dad! Volunteering to fly alone with two children is a big sacrafice that we really appreciate. I miss being with all of my children at the same time! I can't wait for the day that our family can all be together at home again!

Matthew is going in for his heart catheterization tommorrow at 7 am where they will take a biopsy of his heart to test it for rejection. If everything goes well they should be able to send Matthew home on Wednesday. However, his echo today showed that he still has some fluid around his heart which the Cardiologists continue to monitor. Extra fluid can be a sign of rejection and as one of the cardiologists told me today "rejection is like a shark that is always looming in a dark corner somewhere." That statement was really reassuring. Matthew has also had a hard time getting his Prograf (anti-rejection medicine) level up to where they want it. I'm sure these issues will need to be sorted out before discharge. As we well know, discharge could be days or weeks away and we won't know for sure until the day before or morning of.

I'm a little nervous to bring Matthew home. Yesterday Matt and I counted at least 10 drugs Matthew is on. Prior to surgery Matthew was on 4 and just keeping up on prescription refills was a job. 10 drugs needing to be available and administered on a strict schedule, 3 kids, managing doctor appointments, and running a house during the summer seems a little overwhelming to me. I'm sure we'll get a system down that will work out just fine. Thanks Liz, Kurt, and Jen Johnson for helping with the boys so that we will have some time to get things organized before Luke and Josh come home.

Yesterday was my first sacrament meeting back in our ward. The love I felt there from so many of you was so comforting. Sister Olsen gave me a carload (literally) of gifts and goodies from all of you and we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support. Thanks to our family, our ward family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and to everybody who has helped us in so many ways. We love and appreciate you all!


  1. Chrissy -- i'm no doctor, but I am visual & investigative. Maybe the extra fluid is a sign of rejection, but can't it also be a sign of fluid and/or sodium retention (a side effect, perhaps, of some of these meds)? Maybe try a change in diet - cut down sodium in his foods, and when he asks for juice, give him fruit instead. I know he's been precarious in his eating, but maybe low sodium solids will help resolve the cardiac fluid retention. If your cardiologist is going to talk about lurking sharks, also talk about the possibility of pesky jellyfish!!!

  2. Chrissy, you are amazing and will do great when you get home (whenever that may be). The first few weeks may be a blur, but if anyone can handle is you! It seems like you have an amazing ward, so maybe the relief society can pitch in to help ease your burden. At Erica's homecoming was when I truly learned the meaning of the relief provide a relief! I wish I could be there, and am counting down the days to when you can have all of your handsome guys in one place!