Sunday, May 23, 2010

We just wanted to give a closing thought for the day. Overall today was a good day. We are making progress. No 4 hour crying spells and no lost Foley catheters. Matthew has been peaceful today. He is somewhat dissociated. By that I mean his eyes are bright and shining but we couldn't really get him to talk to us or interact with us. When they pulled his chest tubes out he barely even flinched. They were so worried that they took him down for a CT scan of his head tonight to make sure that he didn't have a stroke. They didn't see a stroke but they did see a small subdural hemorrhage. They have now stopped his heparin and we will see what they do with the anti coagulation tomorrow am.

Seeing his brothers was an added bonus today. Finally, when we left his room this evening he was asleep and that is something that he hasn't really done in about 40 hours. Here is to sleeping through the night and calling for MeeMaa in the morning!

Thank you to the surprise visit of Susan Morgan (and the support of her family that sent her here). We have the best family in the whole world. Thanks again to our Ward for fasting for Matthew. Without parents and siblings we would be hurting a lot more.


  1. That's so great that Matthew was able to see his brothers... He probably loved that. And we're glad you guys got some sleep too. Hopefully that lasted through the night. Good luck today! We're thinking of you!

  2. Crissy and Matt - Prayers are answered and we continue to pray for your family. So glad that Susan could come visit. I was thinking about her yesterday. We really appreciate the updates and are happy to help in anyway possible.

  3. So glad that day by day things seem to be going a little better. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Stay strong and let me know if i can do anything!